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Can you feel it?

My house is your house and your house is mine? A home for Electronic Music

In the past three decades, Electronic Music has not only brought into life a club scene that constantly reinvents itself, but has also influenced music in general, as well as art, design, fashion and technology.

MOMEM is about Electronic Music, which has shaped younger cultural history significantly.

MOMEM will be a place to explore, conserve and relive the historical dimensions and influences of Electronic Music. A journey from the beginning to the future. A place of continuous movement and transformation, turning from museum into stage into bar into academy. A reactive environment in the heart of Frankfurt. A museum not for visitors but for guests.

A platform for newcomers and veterans, for artists and fans, for lovers of music and lovers of history, for people from Frankfurt and for people from everywhere.

MOMEM is a project of Friends of MOMEM e.V., founded by Alexander Azary and Talla 2XLC. Active in the scene for decades, their aim is to make the backgrounds of Electronic Music accessible to everyone.

Club life beyond club life

In seven sections, MOMEM will address the places, the social settings, the instruments, and the various influences of Electronic Music on art, fashion and technology, as well as its numerous genres and sub genres – from Ambient, Electronica and Experimental to House and its different types, to Techno and even Drum’n’Bass.

There will be a collection of iconic originals as well as installations, photography and pictures by visual artists, complemented by temporary exhibitions on selected themes, genres, clubs or labels.

At MOMEM academy, lectures and workshops will be held by well known DJs, producers and artists.

Regular readings, panels, movie nights, concerts and club nights will round up the program, making MOMEM a place for development in the here and now.

Complete Frankfurt’s cultural landscape!

Electronic Music is about places.

An interactive world map will provide information about the roles of the different continents, as well as about iconic events such as Sonar, ADE or Burning Man.

MOMEM brings Electronic Music back home, turning the unexplored mezzanine level of Hauptwache into a pulsating heart of Frankfurt’s inner city.

Frankfurt is one of the birthplaces of European Electronic Music. In the home town of legendary clubs like Dorian Gray, OMEN, Cocoon, U60311, Monza and XS, MOMEM revives a part of local history. With institutions like Robert Johnson and a number of temporary events, MOMEM makes Frankfurt push the movement further towards future. As a museum, it closes one of the last gaps in Frankfurt’s rich cultural scene.

Let’s build it! Take part in realizing a museum that is unique in the world.

Seeing the potential of the project, the city of Frankfurt has already supported MOMEM in taking its first important step, providing free lease in an amazing location with 1,000 square meters of exhibition space right in Frankfurt’s inner center. The city of Frankfurt will further support us by renewing the mezzanine level of Hauptwache,turning it Into a greened up city park oasis.

Let’s take this second step together and join the donation effort!

This is how it works: Choose your donation amount from 5 € upwards, fill in the form, upload a profile picture, and submit your donation. You will be forwarded to our donation accounts.

Your contribution will be rewarded with a pixel in the MOMEM INFINITY DISC, making you a visible part of the project. The size of your pixel grows with your donation.

A large scale INFINITY DISC featuring the pictures of all supporters will be installed at the entrance of the museum. Become part of it now!

You gotta say yes to another excess!

Would you like to support us with a larger sum, an in-kind donation or a service?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and offer you further advice:

Friends of MOMEM e.V.
Merianstraße 24b
60316 Frankfurt am Main
e-mail: contact@momem.org

For donations of 200 € and upwards donation receipts are available for German tax residents. To complete your receipt, we need your full name and address. Please note that a part of your donation will also have to cover administration costs. In any case, your donation will be used for tax-privileged purposes only.

These voices have already helped us by spreading the word.

Let’s take this second step together and join the donation effort!

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